Musketeers Trial Class - Free

Youth fencers can attend a trial class as AFC's guest on a specified Thursday of every month. At the trial class, new fencers will participate in warmup games and drills with the other fencers, then will work with one of our coaches to learn some basic fencing skills that will prepare them to join in the ongoing class series.

The Musketeers class is for our youngest fencers with no prior fencing experience. Musketeers learn basic footwork and bladework in a setting that emphasizes fun and fitness. Games and drills build fencing skills as young fencers develop balance, coordination, quick reactions, self-discipline, concentration, and strategic thinking.

Date: November 5, 2015
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Location: Main Location
4425 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78751 US
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Spaces Left: 3 Capacity: 5
Event Price: FREE